Boxer Knocked Straight Out Of Ring

Dominic Breazeale and Izuagbe Ugonoh kicked off this weekend’s action for boxing fan’s waiting for the Deontay Wilder appearance, and the intro did not disappoint. “Breazeale scored a knockdown with a huge uppercut in the third round before Ugonoh scored one of his own in the fourth. After Ugonoh looked to be in good shape, Breazeale came out throwing haymakers in the fifth round and knocked Ugonoh out of the ring to finish things quickly…” [ Read more here...

Manny Pacquiao Negotiating Fight With Amir Khan

Manny Pacquiao may be closing in on his return to the ring, as his team has announced they are in negotiation talks with Amir Khan’s camp regarding a match. “Pacquiao’s announcement follows weeks of conflicting reports from various sources over who the WBO world welterweight champion will face next and where the fight will be held…” [ Read more here...

5 Times Trolling In The Ring Backfired

Trolling your opponent and fishing for an angry response, or reaction turned out to be a big mistake for these 5 boxers and MMA fighters, who ended up getting what they deserved for their cockiness…. Don’t rely on intimidation and a wacky behavior to win you matches – train with  the elite at The Heavyweight...

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